7/28/16: BREW IX: An Evening of Literary Works

In the course of the past 9 months BREW has developed a genuinely warm and intimate sense of community–something which was on display more than ever at this past Thursday’s event. This is all thanks to the wonderful readers who have shared their work and the listeners who have come to partake in their words. Mary Boo Anderson took us through her assorted neuroses, proving in hilarious and poignant fashion that all of us are prone to so many of the same anxieties and doubts. Kem Joy Ukwu spoke to us of isolation and heartache–as well as the deep, unshakeable affinity that comes with love. Jeanann Verlee led us on a journey through rage, tenderness, lust, bitterness, the petty evils of everyday life and the far more monstrous evils of history, drawing us together through the power of her performance for a seemingly timeless moment of fellowship. Join us for BREW X and our growing community of writers, readers and listeners.
mary boo
Mary Boo Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her art has been shown at Kimberly-Klark Gallery, Rabbit Hole, The Outer Room and on her Mom’s Fridge. She is also featured in Spy Kids Review, GlitterMOB, and Things Created By People. This summer she will be performing at Babycastles, Bowery Poetry Club, and BWAC. You can find her subtweeting the patriarchy at @whoismaryboo. Visit her at www.whoismaryanderson.com.
Kem Joy Ukwu’s fiction has appeared in BLACKBERRY: a magazine, PANK, Carve Magazine, TINGE Magazine, Blue Lake Review, Jabberwock Review and Day One. In April 2016, she served as an Institute Scholar in the Writing from the Margins Institute at Bloomfield College. She currently lives in New Jersey with her husband. More of her work can be found at kemjoyukwu.com.
Jeanann Verlee is the author of two books, Said the Manic to the Muse and Racing Hummingbirds, which earned the Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal for poetry. She has also been awarded the Third Coast Poetry Prize and the Sandy Crimmins National Prize for Poetry. Her work has appeared in failbetter, Adroit, Rattle, and BuzzFeed, among others. Verlee worked as poetry editor for Union Station Magazine, For Some Time Now, and Winter Tangerine Review: Fragments of Persephone, as well as a number of individual collections, and she is former director of the Urbana Poetry Slam reading series where she served as writing and performance coach. She has performed and facilitated workshops at schools, theatres, libraries, bookstores, and dive bars across North America. Verlee wears polka dots and kisses Rottweilers. She believes in you. Find her at jeanannverlee.com.

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